Kayanthalai Emerald Pharaoh Cotton Crepe 1604-9015

Kayanthalai Emerald Pharaoh Cotton Crepe 1604-9015

Kayanthalai unveils the “Emerald Pharaoh” saree, an exquisite representation of ancient Egyptian artistry rendered on soft cotton crepe. This piece is decorated with a vibrant batik-style print, featuring traditional motifs in a striking green palette highlighted with red and white accents. The design integrates symbolic elements that evoke the rich cultural heritage of Egypt, making it a statement piece for any occasion that calls for a touch of historical elegance and vibrant color. “Emerald Pharaoh” is not just a saree; it’s a celebration of history, art, and style, ideal for those who appreciate cultural narratives woven into their fashion.


* The colours you see on your device may vary due to the varying colour reproduction, brightness, resolution and temperature of individual devices. If you’d like more clarity before your     purchase, please contact our customer engagement team.

* Blouse material included

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