Kayanthalai Riverine Luxe Cotton Crepe 1604-9014

Kayanthalai Riverine Luxe Cotton Crepe 1604-9014

Kayanthalai presents the “Riverine Luxe” saree, a stunning creation crafted from soft cotton crepe and adorned with an Egyptian-themed batik-style print. This exquisite piece showcases a bold and intricate pattern in rich hues of deep purple and vibrant red, with accents of white and gold, invoking the mystique and grandeur of ancient Egyptian art. The Riverine Luxe saree is perfect for those seeking a blend of historical richness and modern fashion, offering a statement piece that is both culturally significant and stylish. Ideal for special occasions and cultural events, this saree from Kayanthalai combines traditional craftsmanship with a timeless aesthetic.


* The colours you see on your device may vary due to the varying colour reproduction, brightness, resolution and temperature of individual devices. If you’d like more clarity before your     purchase, please contact our customer engagement team.

* Blouse material included

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